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Commercial 20KW Solar System

  • 2022-06-04

The story of 63 sets of 20KW solar commercial system orders

Daniel is a businessman doing business in Chad. Due to his local connections, he received an order for samples for a project. Initially, the project was so urgent that he purchased the entire system from a local product. However, there were some problems with the local product, which prompted Daniel to look for alternatives on the Internet. That’s when he found Melidy, and despite initial reservations, Daniel began a relationship with Melidy and purchased three (15kW, 20kW, and 30kW) solar systems for testing. Daniel needed to ensure the quality of the product before using it for the project.

After a year of testing, the 20kW solar commercial system proved to be very stable. Daniel was pleased with its performance and shared pictures and videos of the installation with Melidy. As a result, he placed an order for 13 20KW solar systems, which were successfully installed in Chad. The success of these systems prompted Daniel to order 63 more school solar systems, which were installed in different cities. These systems supply power to new schools that do not have mains power.

All of the school’s loads are powered by the 20KW solar systems. The success of this project was a source of satisfaction for Daniel.

After the customer received the goods, the installation began. We up the customer’s installation progress in time, and gave professional and timely answers to the problems during the installation process. The customers are very satisfied with our products and services.





If you need, please answer the following questions so that we can serve you promptly:
1, What is the wattage of the solar system you need?
2, What is the purpose of your project? Domestic or for outdoor use
3, Do you have a g plan for your project?
4, Where is the location of your project?


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