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663 Sets Portable Power Station Delivered to Philippines

  • 2022-06-04
Project time: 2021.10
Quantity: 663Sets
Region: Philippines

Mike owns an energy storage power company in the Philippines and he wanted to sell his products to Southeast Asia. He contacted Melidy through the internet and sought cooperation. Mike thought our energy storage power products had potential in the local market, so he decided to represent the product and ordered 163 sets of energy storage power products.

Mike learned about the demand for energy storage power supply in the local market, as well as the competition. Through market research and communication with local distributors, he learned that the demand for energy storage power supplies in Southeast Asia was mainly focused on solar and wind energy. In addition, he also learned that several similar traders were already selling similar products locally. Therefore, Mike positioned the market for this energy storage power product and made a differentiated sales strategy for the competitors.

Mike learned about the policies and requirements related to importing the product. He contacted the local customs and related authorities to obtain all the necessary documents and permits to import the product, and conducted a compliance audit. In the process, he also learned about the local tax policies and trading practices so that he could be prepared for them in ordering and shipping.

Mike worked with Melidy to determine pricing and delivery methods. In this process, he takes into account factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, transportation costs, duties and taxes, etc. After agreeing with us, we sign the sales contract and arrange for the transportation and insurance of the goods.

Mike inspects and clears the imported goods. The goods meet the local standards and quality requirements and pass the customs inspection and release successfully.

(The man in the picture is Mike)
Later we learned that the energy storage power supply Mike purchased was selling very well in the local area and he ordered another 500 sets of products, and he was very satisfied with our deal.


If you are interested in our products, please give us the following information:

(1) Where you are located and what area you want to sell your products to

(2) What kind of product appearance you need

(3) What power and wattage you need for the energy storage power supply

(4) Where do you need energy storage power for? Home power storage? Outdoor travel power storage or anything else?
(5) If you have other requirements, such as product weight, want any customization, etc. Please let us know that as well.

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