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Malta Government Project

  • 2022-06-04

  • Address:     Maltese Islands
  • Date:     2022.1
  • Type:     Utility; Off-grid
  • Scale:     5kW+26kWh
  • Battery:     4* PXE iPack Series 6.5kWh
  • Inverter:     1* PXE Sun Series 5kW

It is a small off-grid project for the Malta government, requiring a total capacity of over 23kWh. Due to limited installation space, the batteries had to be small and easy to install. In addition, the battery protection rating should not be lower than IP65 to avoid corrosion caused by the high humidity on the island. 

To meet the requirements, Virtue Solaris installed four PXE iPack Series 6.5kWh energy storage batteries and one PXE SUN Series 5kW inverter. With remote #guidance from PXE engineers, the installation process went smoothly.

Since the end of January, the system has operated stably without any failure. The project will provide clean and reliable electricity to the island of Malta, improving the stability of the local microgrid system.

If you are interested in our products, please give us the following information:

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