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American Customer Customized Batteries

  • 2022-06-04

Hedy, a customer from the United States, is a new energy vehicle service provider. They plan to launch a new electric vehicle and need to customize a batch of battery cells that meet their needs. These batteries need to meet the following requirements:
Battery cell type: ternary lithium-ion battery cell
Rated voltage: 320V
Rated capacity: 80Ah
Maximum charging current: 80A
Maximum discharge current: 150A
Lifespan: At least 1500 cycles of charging and discharging

Our factory has rich experience in battery cell production and is able to provide products and services that meet customer needs. Our technology and production capacity can produce battery cells that meet the following requirements:

Battery cell type: ternary lithium-ion battery cell
Rated voltage: 320V
Rated capacity: 80Ah
Maximum charging current: 100A
Maximum discharge current: 200A
Lifespan: At least 2000 cycles of charging and discharging

We discussed and negotiated with our customers, understood their needs and requirements, and provided technical suggestions and solutions according to their needs. We provided samples to customers for testing and evaluation to ensure that the battery cells can meet their requirements and standards.

After discussion and negotiation, we signed the contract with the customer and confirmed the details of the order, including the quantity of battery cells, price, delivery time, payment method, etc. We stay in close contact with our customers and provide regular updates on the progress of orders.

We start producing battery cells and deliver the order to the customer according to the delivery time agreed in the contract. We provide complete after-sales service and support to ensure that customers can use the battery cells we provide smoothly, and provide technical support and maintenance services for customers.


The advantages of lithium batteries include:
1. High energy density: Lithium batteries have high energy density and can store more energy in a relatively small volume and weight, so they are widely used in portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, etc.
2. Long life: Compared with other types of batteries, lithium batteries have a longer life and can be charged and discharged many times, and some lithium batteries can even use thousands of charging cycles.
3. Low self-discharge rate: The self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is low, and the battery can maintain a high level of power even if it has not been used for a long time.
4. High efficiency: Lithium batteries can convert stored energy into electrical energy with high efficiency.
5. No memory effect: Lithium batteries have no memory effect, that is, the battery does not need to be fully charged or discharged before use, so it is relatively convenient to use and maintain.
6. Environmental protection: Compared with other types of batteries, lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury, and can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution from waste batteries.

Chongqing Melidy is a 19 years battery manufacturer,PXE is our brand. After more than 10 years development and growth, our has formed a set of product development, manufacturing and sales in new energy area. Our products are sold to 178 countries in Europe,America, and Australia etc. We have got European CE, FCC,Rohs, UL and other certifications. We have successfully cooperated with many brands and customized ODM or OEM.

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