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What’s the Difference Between Starting Watts and Running Watts?

  • 2023-06-27

Introduction: When purchasing a generator or other power equipment, you may often come across the terms “starting watts” and “running watts.” Starting watt and running watt for generators are important indicators for evaluating power consumption and performance of equipment. This article will explain the difference between starting watt and running watt, and explore their significance in practical applications.

What are Starting Watts?

Starting watts refer to the additional energy required to initiate the operation of an electrical or mechanical device. When a device starts, it typically demands higher power than what is needed to keep it running. This is because starting involves overcoming inertia and friction, among other factors. The device requires extra energy at the moment of starting to overcome these resistances and set it in motion.

Starting watts are usually represented in terms of “starting watts” and are typically two to three times the rated power (running watts) of the equipment. For example, a generator with a rated running power of 2000 watts may require 4000 to 6000 starting watts to start the device.

What are Running Watts?

Running watts refer to the power required by a device to operate under normal running conditions. Once the device successfully starts and begins running, it operates at a lower power level. Running watts are typically represented as “running watts.” This represents the stable power required by the device during continuous operation.

Running watts signify the energy consumption of a device under normal working loads. It is an important metric for assessing the actual capacity and operational cost of the equipment. The running watts can vary depending on the type and purpose of the device. For generators, the running watts are typically equivalent to their rated power.

Difference between Starting Watts and Running Watts:

The primary difference between starting watt and running watt lies in the timing and level of energy requirements. Starting watts represent the peak power at the moment of device initiation, and it is a momentary spike that occurs only during the device’s starting phase. Once the device successfully starts and enters a normal operating state, the power level drops to the running watts level.

Running watts represent the stable power requirement of a device under normal running conditions. It indicates that the device consumes less energy during continuous operation compared to starting watts.

Importance of Starting Watts and Running Watts:

Understanding the difference between starting watts and running watts is crucial for selecting and using power equipment correctly. Ignoring the starting watts and only considering the running watts when purchasing a generator or high-power device can result in the device failing to start or operating unreliably.

The starting watts of a device need to be equal to or greater than the maximum power requirement for starting to ensure successful initiation. Neglecting starting watts may lead to the device failing to start or requiring additional effort and energy to start, and it can even cause damage to the equipment.

In conclusion, starting watt and running watt are essential parameters for evaluating the performance of power equipment. When purchasing equipment, it is important to understand the starting watts and running watts requirements of the devices and choose the appropriate equipment based on actual needs. Proper understanding and application of the concepts of starting watt and running watt ensure the smooth operation and reliability of the equipment, leading to increased efficiency and longevity of the devices.

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