Our company is a manufacturer of energy storage camper van batteries sourced from established lithium-ion battery manufacturers, lithium battery manufacturers, and lithium battery suppliers. These batteries provide reliable and efficient power for various camper van applications. Lightweight and compact, they are ideal for mobile use, boasting high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent performance in extreme temperatures. We also offer LiFePO4 solar battery solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Chongqing Melidy is a 19 years battery manufacturer,PXE is our brand. After more than 10 years development and growth, our has formed a set of product development, manufacturing and sales in new energy area. Our products are sold to 178 countries in Europe,America, and Australia etc. We have got European CE, FCC,Rohs, UL and other certifications. We have successfully cooperated with many brands and customized ODM or OEM.

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